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Kubota (UK) Ltd has introduced a narrow version of its 106hp M5-102 tractor, aimed at those working in specialist fruit, vineyard, vegetable and solar park applications.

Kubota Narrow model tractor

This latest model is called the M5-102N, and it brings several upgrades over its predecessor, the M5001N. These include a revised cab complete with Category 4 filtration; front axle suspension and front PTO; hydraulically adjustable rear linkage stabilisers and lift rods; and reduced cost of ownership through improved DPF and emissions control efficiency.

Power comes from Kubota’s V3800 engine. A 3.8-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel, the V3800 delivers 346Nm of torque and 106hp, and is equipped with an EU Stage V compliant emissions package that uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Importantly, the emissions control module is neatly packaged under the bonnet, avoiding the need for external mounting of components such as the DEF tank and SCR cannister, which could impact on the operator’s view from the cab. And with a diesel filler at the rear of the tractor and a DEF filler under the bonnet, it is almost impossible to mistake the fill points