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KUHN has launched a new high capacity trailed sprayer

The new LEXIS 3800 with a 3800 litre nominal capacity is the largest in the range, with two further models offering 2400 litre and 3000 litre capacities respectively.

Kuhn High Capacity Sprayer

The LEXIS is compact and lightweight despite its ability to carry 4000 litres. It has a maximum length of 6.90 metres and an overall width of 2.55 metres. Featuring aluminium booms up to 28 metres, the LEXIS still has an unladen weight of just over 3 tonnes. The latest model also features new Ø1.85m tyres with a very high flexion (VF) option from 320 to 520mm which will help to reduce compaction and protect soil health.

The LEXIS can be specified with KUHN’s MANUSET manual rinse operation which only requires two main valves that are controlled from the operator’s control station. Multifunction handwheels reduce handling operations by up to 50 percent and the ergonomic design means valves are easily operated for a simple, trouble-free set-up.

During rinsing, a complete turn with the delivery circuit handwheel ensures that the water drawn in by the pump is conveyed into all sprayer circuits. The rinsing tank level gauge, visible from the workstation, also enables easy sequencing of the rinsing operations.

The new LEXIS is also available with DILUSET+ which offers operators assisted management of filling and dilution of residual volumes.