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Kverneland has introduced a new fertiliser spreader to its line-up of Exacta twin disc models. A narrow frame model, it’s called the CL W PRO, and slots into the range below the CL GEOSPREAD version, replacing the single weigh-cell CL EW model.

The PRO specification brings more accuracy and precision over the CL EW thanks to the use of four 2.5 tonne capacity load cells in combination with a reference sensor, to improve weighing accuracy and reliability. With a full complement of weigh cells, the new CL W PRO is capable of achieving greater precision and application accuracy, through dynamic weighing. It also provides plug-and-play functionality, being ISO 11783 compatible.

Improving the technology available on this mid-spec machine also enables the spreader to carry out basic GEOSPREAD section control functions when purchased with a licence key.

In its most basic form, the Exacta CL W PRO offers a 1300-litre hopper capacity, though it can be equipped with hopper extensions to boost carrying capacity. One extension delivers an 1800-litre capacity; two extensions create 2300 litres, and a third – the maximum available for this model – delivers a 2800 litre hopper capacity.